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Criminal activity will always be among us. But as times change, the nature of the crimes evolves along with technological development. As a result, there has been an unprecedented rise in cybercrime incidents in our community.

To help combat this, Onverwag called a public meeting to create awareness. Next, we kicked off an ongoing series of Cell Savvy workshops to help older community members use their devices in a more secure way and to spot scammers more easily. The education process is ongoing, as new scams pop up almost daily. Keep an eye on the What’s Happening page for tips to help improve your online security.

Onverwag also played an active disaster management role in the response to the recent flooding in the Overberg region. We liaised with the municipality in their efforts to restore electricity and water to our residents. We kept our community up to date on all the latest developments via our interactive WhatsApp groups.  This included regular updates on the restoration times of both the electricity and the water, as well as updates regarding road closures. 

Since damage to all the roads leading to and from Hermanus was extensive, this was no mean feat.

In the aftermath of the storms and flooding at the end of September, Onverwag spread the word about the water restrictions put in place when it became apparent that the water crisis would take a while to repair. (Check out our awesome playlist of 2-minute shower songs.) And then the great clean-up began. Onverwag collaborated with community members, local businesses and other organizations to jump start the Onrus Beach Restoration Project. We support the initiatives of the Onrus River Restoration Group (ORRG) in repairing the damage to Onrus beach and the broader coastline. Using the clean-up process as a job creation opportunity, local people will be employed on an ongoing basis to help with the manual labour component of restoring our beautiful coastline to its former pristine condition. Once again, caring and sharing – at the heart of our beautiful community.

About Our Community

Onverwag’s care for the community takes on various shapes. Primarily it’s a neighbourhood watch operating in Onrus, Vermont, Berghof, and Chanteclair. But there are also education initiatives to reduce fear and arm residents with knowledge, and dignity programs to assist homeless sleepers.

All the latest neighbourhood news, crime prevention tips, and event updates in one convenient location.

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