For most of us loadshedding is an incredible inconvenience – no WIFI, no television, no coffee. But besides taking many of our luxuries, loadshedding also tends to take some of our safety. Alarms, exterior lighting, surveillance systems… These typically all rely on electricity. And, unfortunately, criminals know that when the power is down, your home becomes more vulnerable than usual. Here are 5 tips for covering the basics of loadshedding home safety.

Create a command central
It is horrible to think in terms of “when” instead of “if” something will go wrong. But preparation is key. Put together an emergency kit with an emergency light, power banks to charge your phone and other devices, a document with the relevant emergency numbers (saved on your cell phone as well), a battery-operated panic button, a torch with extra batteries, and other essentials.
Also, consider keeping a few bottles of water and some protein-based snacks in your emergency kit, in the event that you need to lock your family in a central place for an extended period of time in order to keep them safe. Share the plan with your family members and perhaps perform a drill or two to smooth things out.

For inspiration on how to put together a loadshedding emergency toolbox, watch this informative video from Suzelle DIY. Here is a link to the video

Solar-powered lights around the house
Make sure that unwanted visitors would at least think twice about targeting your home by installing solar-powered LED lights around the perimeter. Since loadshedding became a permanent fixture of daily life, many retailers have started stocking a variety of different options.

Security gates
Consider more ‘analogue’ options when adding to your security measures. For instance, consider installing security gates (like Trellidor or Xpanda, for example) that work with a lock and key. Install burglar bars on windows – especially the ones you think a criminal wouldn’t consider an option. There are even some aesthetic options available so the bars don’t detract from your style.

Check your gate motor
Many of us work long hours, often coming home in the dark. To ensure you are not stuck outside your house in the dark during loadshedding and vulnerable to hijacking (perpetrators could gain access to your property this way), and to ensure that you can get out in an emergency, make sure your gate motor is in tip-top shape.

Rechargeable light bulbs
Consider purchasing a rechargeable lightbulb every month with your groceries and gradually installing these in strategic places. These bulbs can also be used to create the illusion that there is someone home when the power is out, perhaps deterring a criminal who was on the fence about breaking in. Pun intended!

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