Many of us remember a time when the idea of someone stealing your life savings in one foul swoop sounded like a science fiction movie. Unfortunately, modern technology has made it quite possible for a criminal with a keyboard and a set of nimble fingers to snatch your piggy bank from right under your nose.

Older people often do not fully understand the risk involved with using ever evolving technology for things like banking or online shopping. They are expected to master these technologies in order to ‘keep up’ with a society where even ordinary, daily tasks like grocery shopping, paying bills, or consulting a doctor, are now done digitally.  And as a result of playing in an unfamiliar arena, they are the easiest targets for criminals to prey on.

To help keep you safe, we have compiled a list of tips for you to implement so you can safely enjoy all the wonderful things the internet provides.




You are not alone

Often times people are hesitant to admit that they have been scammed. Their wounded pride allows the scammers to get away with their schemes for longer than they would if information about their tactics were shared faster. It is important to realise that everyone has a weak moment from time to time – we are all susceptible to the lies of clever people who do nothing all day except plan ways to trick innocent people out of their money. Be vigilant, because you never know the angle the trouble will come at you from.

If you suspect that you have been scammed, Google the official website of your bank and phone the fraud hotline listed there. They will likely freeze your account and internet banking access – an inconvenient, but necessary step in keeping you safe.

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