Online Banking Can Be Scary: Here’s How To Stay Safe

Many of us remember a time when the idea of someone stealing your life savings in one foul swoop sounded like a science fiction movie. Unfortunately, modern technology has made it quite possible for a criminal with a keyboard and a set of nimble fingers to snatch your piggy bank from right under your nose. […]

Why Loadshedding Should “Alarm” You

After 16 years of loadshedding there is hardly anything new to say on the topic. However, to be in denial about the fact that things seem to have gotten worse recently, could be disastrous. While on stage 5 and 6, loadshedding is often 4 hours long, exceeding the battery life of many electronic devices – […]

5 Tips To Improve Your Safety During Loadshedding

For most of us loadshedding is an incredible inconvenience – no WIFI, no television, no coffee. But besides taking many of our luxuries, loadshedding also tends to take some of our safety. Alarms, exterior lighting, surveillance systems… These typically all rely on electricity. And, unfortunately, criminals know that when the power is down, your home […]

Beware Of Cybercrime

Incidents relating to cyber crime are increasing at a rate conventional law enforcement is completely unequipped to handle or prevent. As a neighbourhood watch, we find this most concerning as, up to now, our primary focus has been to help protect our community members from threats that lurk outside the safety of their homes. The […]

How to protect yourself against online predators

Nothing good ever comes from fearmongering. Unfortunately, the reality is that the internet is full of crooks who are looking for opportunities to con you out of your hard-earned pay check. But it is also a wonderful place full of information, opportunity, great deals, and lasting connections. To help you navigate some of the common […]

5 tips to improve your online security

For many the introduction of the world wide web in 1991 was a scary development. But for most it was incredibly exciting to have all the information they could imagine (and even the info they could not yet imagine) freely and easily available to them. Unfortunately, as with all technological developments, there are always those […]