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Joining our ranks really could not be simpler.

We Need Your Support

We cannot do this alone. For us to keep making a real change in the safety and security of our neighbourhoods, we need your support. Whether you would like to volunteer your time or your funds, we welcome any contribution.

The best (and simplest) way to give us a helping hand, is to become a member. Your membership fees help us to cover operational fees and fund our care projects. Membership is open to anyone who either resides in or owns property in the area Onverwag operates in.

Picture: Salvatore De Candia  – (our very own homeowner from Vermont)

What will it cost?

Our membership fee for 2024 is R150 / year for the first member per household and R50 / year per additional household member. (Financial year: 1 December 2023 to 30 November 2024.)

All members must please complete an application form. Download and complete the membership form. Then, email it – along with the payment confirmation – to accounts@onverwag.org.za

Feel free to join by using the online membership form below.

Onverwag Banking Details

Account name: Onrus Vermont Neighbourhood Watch

Bank: Standard Bank

Account number: 372 751 547

Branch: 050-312

Account type: Current Account

We truly value any financial support – it goes a long way towards covering operational costs and sponsoring our care projects. Therefore, we welcome any additional contributions.

Please feel free to set up a debit order to any value you would feel comfortable with.

Membership Online Application

Contact Details

079 4199 276

PO Box 89, Onrus River, 7201

NPO Registration: 165-758 NPO
DOCS Accreditation: DCS 15/18/040
Full Member of Hermanus Police Forum

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Emergency Numbers

Hermanus Police
028 313 5300

Law Enforcement
028 313 8996


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